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McDougal Littell has sent updated codes (see below) for those of you trying to set up new accounts…attached are “easier to follow” instructions as well. Please share with your teachers. Hope this helps! mlk

Algebra I ACTIVATION CODE: 2998580-10
Algebra 1 Access Code: MCDE2I49PVAPG (the sixth character is the letter "I" not the number 1)
Product Name: Algebra 1 - eEdition - TX
ISBN #: 9780618890484
Geometry ACTIVATION CODE: 2998580-20
Geometry Access Code: MCD2CBKAGB6C9
Product Name: Geometry - eEdition - TX
ISBN #: 9780618890583
Algebra II ACTIVATION CODE: 2998580-30
Algebra 2 Access Code: MCD9JDFP8MZT8
Product Name: Algebra 2 - eEdition - TX
ISBN #: 9780618890491