Web-based Resources
NCTM, Problems to Ponder, http://www.nctm.org/about/content.aspx?id=26070
http://www.nctm.org/, Challenging logic problems for students and adults
NCTM, Iluminations, http://illuminations.nctm.org; activities and interactive games
Texas Instruments Education Technology, http://education.ti.com/calculators/downloads/US/Activities/
calculator based activities for all grade levels
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, http://nlvm.usu.edu/
Pd360, http://www.pd360.com/pd360.cfm; district purchased professional development with educational topics and content areas
Project Share Texas, http://projectsharetexas.org; state of Texas web-based resources, professional development, and networking website.
Khan Academy, http://www.khanacademy.org; Activities and videos, some purchase items available.

The videos you saw are found on youtube. To use in the classroom, you must download and save:
//Abbott And Costello// 13 X 7 is 28 - YouTube
//Squirrel// Memory test? MUST SEE!!!!! - YouTube
April Fools 2011: //Complex Numbers// in //Math// Class - YouTube
Simple Truths: Even an Eagle needs a Push

Powerpoint for March